About GVSR

GVSR is a short form for Group of Vetted and Skilled Resources is a HR Tech startup formed to help MSME and fresh Graduates. We help MSME’s to find right candidates that best fit’s them in terms of Attitude, Knowledge and Skill set. We don’t care for class toppers or top 1% of highly skilled graduates because they always finds the path to getting into MNC’s with high packages. it’s the remaining 99% who has raw talents and always needs extra mentorship, opportunities and trainings to find their first job. it’s this 99% that drives MSME’s. We help them find their first job.

We care for Remaining 99% of Fresh Graduates with raw talent not the top 1% High scoring class toppers.

After doing recruitment for MSME’s for more than 10 years, We find that top 1% of the fresh Graduates who is highly talented with good academic marks have never willing to work for MSME’s, Instead they will always look for renowned MNC’s with high Packages. Opportunities for them is huge. It’s the remaining 99% of graduates who has raw talents but needs some extra mentorship, Extra Guidance, Little bit of industrial trainings and an opportunities to attend interviews find their first job. We care for this remaining 99% Talent who actually drives the MSME’s to success.

On the other side, MSME’s also would never need any outstanding students at all because of three reasons. 1.Though MSME’s can offer a decent salary packages but cannot afford them with high salary packages. in par with MNC’s  2. MSME’s couldn’t able to retain this resources for long period. 3. Ninety nine percent MSME’s work on established technologies and don’t work on deep technologies requiring high talents.

If you are part of this remaining 99% of talent group,  Please feel free to contact us. Send your resume to hr@gvsr.com and we will help you find your first job in top MSME’s. We are not another job consultancy and we don’t take any money from you. 

Helping MSME’s not just MNC’s

In first place, we are here to help MSME’s to find raw talents that best fits them with with attitude, skills and Knowledge. We help MSME’s with complete end to end HR activities, starting from writing Job descriptions, Job postings, Candidates screening, Interviewing, Onboarding, Payroll and other HR related activities. MNC’s has lot of resources and money to do an extensive talent search activities but it’s the MSME’s who suffers a lot in identifying right fit candidates to their team. If you are an MSME’s, please feel free to contact us at +91-9597717950 or write to us to hr@gvsr.com we help you in hiring right talent with customized trainings that best fits your nature of business.